Negrini Security protects your organization through penetration testing, social engineering and prevention.


Negrini Security allows you to quickly discover vulnerabilities in your website and in your network infrastructure. Our highly specialized team uses powerful and innovative tools to perform fast and effective pentest engagements.

Negrini security pentesting

Penetration Testing

We offer a full suite of testing options, including: vulnerability scanning, external and internal network, web application, API, mobile, wireless, physical, social engineering, and compliance testing packages. 

Penetration Testing Continuous:

Negrini Security Penetration Testing Continuously monitors your web applications and APIs for changes or new code to enable just-in-time penetration testing as soon and as long as required. We deliver scalable, rapid and DevSecOps-enabled continuous penetration testing.

On-Demand delivers:

Negrini Security On-Demand delivers scalable rapid and DevSecOps-enabled web application penetration testing with tailored remediation guidelines and zero false-positives SLA. Tailored remediation guidelines and 24/7 support.

Mobile Application Penetration:

Negrini Security Mobile Application Penetration Testing provides Guaranteed schedule of execution and report delivery with Money-Back Guarantee for a single false-positive. Business logic testing, SANS Top 25, PCI DSS & OWASP coverage.

Negrini Security is an offensive security firm that educates clients, identifies security risks, shows intelligent business decisions, and enables you to reduce your attack surface digitally, physically and socially.

The Offensive Security Experts

We test the effectiveness of your own security before malicious parties do it for you. We pride ourselves on being unique and we understand that your organization and its needs, are, too. This is Negrini Security’s core service values.

The Offensive Security Experts

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True Security Partnership

We pursue long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships that grow with your business and adapt to your organization’s evolving security needs.

Boutique Experience

We’re selective with our partnerships, focusing on a finite number of high-touch client engagements with individualized attention.

Communication & Collaboration

Our clients receive near-real-time updates, with multiple touchpoints daily and a direct line of communication through a dedicated portal.