Attack Surface & Dark Web Monitoring

NS-DISCOVERY leverages our award-winning OSINT technology to illuminate external attack surface and Dark Web exposure of a company.
The non-intrusive and production-safe technology is a perfect fit both for self-assessment and vendor risk scoring to prevent supply chain attacks.

HOT We delivers rapid network and web aplication penetration testing and zero false positives SLA → Contact Us

Simplify Compliance

Meet visibility, inventory & security monitoring requirements

Prevent Data Breaches

Get instant alerts on vulnerable or misconfigured cloud or IT assets

Outpace Cybercriminals

Respond rapidly to new security incidents, data leaks or phishing

Cut Operational Costs

Get a helicopter view of your assets for risk-based patching and testing

Minimize Human Risk

Receive instant alerts on shadow IT, abandoned or forgotten assets

Prevent Supply Chain Attacks

Perform in-depth security scoring of your vendors and suppliers

red team

Real-Time Monitoring of Security Incidents

Ultimate Visibility to Prevent Data Breaches and Supply Chain Attacks

External Attack Surface  27/4

  • APIs & Web Services
  • Web Applications & Websites
  • Domains & SSL Certificates
  • Critical Network Services
  • IoT & Connected Objects
  • Public Code Repositories
  • SaaS & PaaS Systems
  • Public Cloud & CDN
  • Mobile Apps
  • Databases

Security and Compliance 27/4

  • Website Security
  • WAF & CSP Presence
  • SSL Encryption & Hardening
  • PCI DSS & GDPR Compliance
  • Software Composition Analysis
  • Expiring Domains & Certificates
  • Malware & Black Lists Presence
  • SPF, DMARC & DKIM Presence
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Cloud & DB Security

Data Leaks and Incidents 27/4

  • Stolen Credentials
  • Pastebin Mentions
  • Exposed Documents
  • Leaked Source Code
  • Breached IT Systems & IoC
  • Phishing Websites & Pages
  • Fake Accounts in Social Networks
  • Unsolicited Vulnerability Reports
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Squatted Domain Names

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